About Us

About Us


What sort of relationship can we have? That really depends upon your own needs. As a sub UK male, my aim is to please and satisfy the needs of my owner, whatever those needs are, and our relationship doesn’t have to involve sexual contact unless that’s what you want.

We could simply have a platonic friendship, whereby we can email each other, enjoy the occasional telephone conversation, and perhaps have lunch from time to time.

We could go one stage further should you so wish, and you could allow me to do your housework, accompany you on shopping trips, etc.

You may prefer to enjoy BDSM pleasure with me, enabling you to inflict pain and humiliation on a willing submissive male.

Or, you may be a Pro-Domme, Pro TV or TS Mistress who is willing to exchange services with me: a free web site in exchange for an occasional free session with you. Or maybe you run a vanilla business that would benefit from having a good quality website. Hopefully, my web design skills are evident from this website.

Whatever your interests and needs, please get in touch.