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Contact me


In the first instance, I’d appreciate it if you could email me, using the form below. I use a form instead of direct email because it cuts down on the amount of spam that I get.

The form is also, I hope, quick and convenient for you to use.

The ‘Name’ and ‘Email’ sections are mandatory. This is to avoid possible mistakes. It’s frustrating to receive a form from someone that I can’t reply to because they’ve forgotten to enter a valid email address.

The Mobile Number field is also mandatory. This helps to cut down the number of timewasters who contact me. Anyone who has a BDSM or Fetish related web presence will understand what I mean about timewasters! If it is not convenient for me to ring you at specific times, please say and I will respect your wishes. Thank you.

Please note that I cannot normally accommodate for our meetings.

I prefer only to be contacted by people who are in the East Midlands and who are able to accommodate during the daytime (weekends or weekdays)


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