About You

About You


You don’t have to be interested in all of the things that interest me. The whole point of being submissive is that I submit to you, and not vice versa. That said, we would be compatible if you have one or more of the following interests:


You may simply enjoy giving orders and watching your sub obey you. You might like to sit back and watch your sub male do your housework while you relax, for example. Perhaps you seek someone who will accompany you on shopping trips, and who will carry your bags, offer you transport, etc.


Perhaps you have an interest in inflicting pain and/or humiliation on your sub male? This can of course happen either with or without any sexual contact occurring between us. That choice would be entirely yours.

Body Worship

You may enjoy receiving body worship in the form of being massaged, being given oral pleasure, etc., without necessarily having to give anything in return.

Professional Dominant

You may be a Pro-Domme, TV or TS Mistress in need of a high quality, search engine friendly web site like this one. If so, perhaps you are willing to trade services. I can show you examples of my work, show you how good my search engine optimisation skills are and provide you with references.

A professionally developed and marketed web site can seriously improve your finances!

Business Owner

Perhaps you run a business (Fetish or Vanilla) and you would like to have a good quality, search engine optimised website. I will build you a top class website and maintain and advertise it for you free of charge if we have a relationship.